Easter: Time to Reboot

At Easter I press the reset button. I imagine myself done and dusted, buried and forgotten. Then I imagine myself returned to life, resurrected, back for the second act. It’s a head trip!

What if today I died? People would mourn. My work would be reassigned. The little space I occupy on earth would soon collapse like water around a stone removed from the pond. That is a disconcerting thought. I’m not being morbid, I’m just trying to be practical. It will happen.

And then, what if I return. A new body. An elevated understanding of the mind and heart of God. A valued citizen in a new creation, a co-mingled heaven and earth. Again, I not trying to be sensational. Something just like this is what Easter promises. God’s cosmos-bending actions in Jesus encourage this kind of thought experiment.

“Crazy” thoughts like this make me want to sing. God comes closer. I love my family more deeply. Other people become important to me. The world looks fresh and beautiful. Things on my to-do list seem less pressing. Pains and injustices are reframed. Even my breathing feels like a gift. Life is abundant (Act 1) and enormous (Act 2).

Easter celebrates a glorious but simple thought. Life is unbounded. It is precious, significant and  more mysterious than anyone thought. Life is unexpectedly longer and potentially fuller than our powers of observation and deduction will easily admit. So take hold of it! Get to know your Maker. Follow his Son Jesus, life’s very best mentor. Put a little Easter in your soul so you don’t get lost in Act one and end up sitting in darkness in Act two.

You don’t need to be a Philosopher to get value from these thoughts. Letting them simply wash through your mind is restorative. But celebrating the author of such life and getting to know the one person who made the unthinkable journey backward through death is amazing. This Easter I will luxuriate in these thoughts, and I will cherish Jesus, the person who shows me the way.

That’s Easter!

Posted by Allan Demond

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