The Power of Plodding

I attended a 10 year celebration last week* and a beautiful thought confronted me. You can get an awful lot of very important stuff done in 10 years if you just keep plodding.

Plodders do unimpressive things, an impressive number of times. Some write a few paragraphs daily or read a few books monthly, others save a few dollars each pay day or ride a few kilometres six times a week … and before you know it plodders are published, educated, well to do and fit.

If you strike one well-placed blow with a sharp axe against the truck of a big tree every day, you WILL fell the tree. It is only a matter of time. But you have to swing every day. That’s the plodder’s genius.

A decade is 3652.42199 days. That’s long enough to learn a language, become a world expert in a field of interest, meet 1000 new people, or walk around the world (almost, see Jean Beliveau’s story).

Plodding is the art of finding hidden pleasure in pedestrian things. Plodders never out grow the child-like capacity to play keep-a-boo or dropsies, they simply learn to do it with new and bolder tasks.

It took Einstein 10 years to get from special relativity to general relativity. Julia Childs laboured a full decade to get “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” out of her heart and into the hands of gourmet chefs around the world. And even the musical genius Mozart was 10 years at his craft before he produced a work that actually became popular. These aren’t the first people we think of when we make a list of plodders, but they all belong on the list!

Some 200 years ago William Carey summed up the substantial achievements of his life in these words to his nephew: “I can plod. I can persevere in any definite pursuit. To this I owe everything.”

Oh Lord, give me the gift of a plodder’s resolve, I pray. Amen.

*The 10th Anniversary I attended was for the NewHope Baptist Chinese Ministry. Congratulations to James and Rebekah Lin, the leadership team and the people of this great ministry. We love and appreciate you!


Posted by Allan Demond

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