Is Jesus Pleased with the Work You Do?

A Hypothesis: Any person in any job can please Jesus in the work they do, if they really want to. Test it in your work place with these four actions.

1. Cultivate a  “Jesus-is-with-me” attitude on the job. What thrills Jesus most is our companionship not our productivity. If we labour in ways that dismiss Jesus from our thoughts it doesn’t matter what job we have, we are not likely to please him or serve him well. On the other hand, if we are intentional about keeping the friendship and lordship of Jesus forward in our daily activity awesome things occur. Just follow him. And if there is something he is not pleased with, he will tell you! Jesus loves working WITH us.

2. Align yourself with Jesus’ influence on your profession. We can forget how influential Jesus is upon our culture. Go back two thousand years and take a careful look at health care, education, parenting, politics, labour conditions and common law, for example. You will see how deeply these have been impacted by the ethics of Jesus and the work of his disciples over the last 2000 years. Secular writers attribute these developments to material progress and our natural evolution. But a closer look at Jesus’ impact reveals a different story (Read: Alvin J. Schmidt’s book, How Christianity Changed the World). It is likely that you stand in a long line of faith-filled people who have transformed your profession through the power of Jesus. If so, learn that history and carry on that tradition. And, if your profession seems very “unredeemed” to you, if there are no stories of Christian witness and influence through the years, then perhaps there is great opportunity. If the line of witnesses in your field is short and you stand near the front, then live to add a chapter to Schmidt’s book.

3. Focus on the JOB inside your job. Position descriptions tend to focus on industry outcomes. If Jesus re-wrote your PD what would he include? Something about “fishing for people”, lifting them out of brokenness, despair and un-productivity. Something about serving others, the thing Jesus himself came to do. Something about justice and mercy and humility. These are things that will actually benefit your employer whether you get paid for it or not. Be excellent in the work place.

4. Seek the pleasure of the Lord in your work. Ask Jesus to fill you with joy and satisfaction. Work is God’s gift not his curse. It was actually given to us in Eden before the fall as part of God’s blessing. If you hate your work, it will be hard to please Jesus in it. To cultivate joy at work you may need to start with a holiday, an attitude lift and a new resolve. But be assured, Jesus wants you fulfilled in your job and he will work with you to make it so. Seek first his Kingdom and pleasure in your work will be added.

Test the hypothesis. Lean in fully. I think Jesus will be pleased. And if you keep at it with faith and courage in the end you’ll hear him say: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Posted by Allan Demond

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