Following Jesus Online

If Jesus had an offical suite of online accounts, I would “like”, “follow” and “connect”. What Pastor wouldn’t? But following Jesus in cyberspace requires a little more thought.

It is fun to speculate what Jesus would post. Selfies with his 12 mates and the Mount of Olives in the background? Doubtful. Pithy Old Testament quotes? Maybe, but … sparingly. Lengthy treatises? No. And who would Jesus “friend”? What would Jesus “like” and “follow”? Which platforms would Jesus use?

The thing is, I really do want to follow Jesus online. My discipleship needs to include my cyber-presence. So, here are my thoughts on what Jesus’ online activity might look like (and how we might want to copy him).

1. Jesus Online would Announce the Kingdom of God. That was and is his main focus (Matt 4:23). He comes to declare the reign of God over all creation. I think Jesus would “like” the posts, pictures and people that serve justice and mercy. I think he would highlight the presence of God in our world and call people to align their lives with the Creator and walk humbly with him. I think he would be creative and winsome in how he did this.

2. Jesus Online Would Heal. He would serve, seek the lost and act like a digital physician. He would post things that help people, that make them want to change and to repent. He would bring Spirit and Life to a dry & digital land.

3. Jesus Would Practice Digital Sabbath. There would be times when Jesus would go walk-about. His “likes” and “comments” would go unanswered. It is even likely he would do this at the very moment his posts were going viral. But then I suspect he would come back even stronger. He would never let himself get addicted to the web or enamoured with his own media successes.

4. Jesus Would Get “Unfriended”. At some point he would start to ask too much. He might talk about crosses or self-denial and there would be a group that stop following him. I doubt he would check his analytics very often. And his webonality would never drive his message. He would press on faithfully, announcing the Kingdom and healing the sick, regardless of his “ratings”.

5. Jesus Online Would be a Tiny Slice of Jesus on Earth! If Jesus did have a first rate social media presence, it would account for only a small part of his physical ministry. He would still eat with people and go to parties hosted by his friends and have late night talks and preach on mountains. He would be with people – always!

The Spirit of Jesus, risen and alive, IS online! And I for one, am dedicated to following him here. Join me.

Posted by Allan Demond

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