God of New Beginnings

January is named after the Roman god Janus. He has a pair of faces. One looks backward and one looks forward. What a great symbol of New Years Wisdom.

Look back. What are you celebrating as you close off your 2015? What stirs you to offer prayers of thanksgiving? Are there successes? Gains? Wins? And what about disappointments? Losses? Hurts? What loose ends do you need to tie up so 2015 can rest well?

Look forward. What positive change should you plan to make? Is it fitness, family, faith, fun-times, finances. Do you need to get organised, read your bible, sign up to serve or learn a new skill?

Did you know that you are 10 times more likely to succeed with a promise made at New Years? So says Dr. Mike Evans in this 6 min video. It helped me as I set several rather exciting personal goals for 2016. I hope it helps you too.

A simple word of wisdom. Don’t make a resolution, make a plan! Think it through, break it up into little pieces, write it down, be accountable to someone, and invite the God of new beginnings to help you. Not Janus … Jehovah! (Isa. 43:9)

Posted by Allan Demond

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