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The Practice of Vulnerability

The Practice of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is powerful. But the way it works is more or less counter-intuitive. You need to risk feeling bad, in order to feel good. Here’s what I am learning. Open and honest people are more interesting. Truthful, risky self-disclosure puts energy into relationships. The more I practice opening up, the easier it becomes. If IContinue reading →

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The Source of King David’s Mojo

The Source of King David’s Mojo

David, King of ancient Israel, was one of the most inspirational leaders to walk the earth. People rallied to him, sang his praise and joined his cause. He had what leaders want. How did he get it? Take a look at David’s dynamism. He lopped off Goliath’s head and won the hearts of the people. He moulded a band ofContinue reading →

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BOOK REVIEW: “Communicating for a Change”

BOOK REVIEW: “Communicating for a Change”

If you are an emerging preacher, do yourself a favour and read Andy Stanley and Lane Jones’ great book, ‘Communicating for a Change’. It has the capacity to focus your preaching, calm your anxieties and improve your fruitfulness. Style. The book has two parts that contain mostly the same information but delivered in very differentContinue reading →

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